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Viraday 600/200/300 mg tablet


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What is Cipla Viraday, where to buy?

Viraday is a fixed-dose antiretroviral combination medication designed to inhibit the ability of retroviruses to self-replicate and spread throughout the body, gradually wearing down the immune system. A fixed-dose combination medication means that this drug contains two or more active components that enhance the action of one another. Pharmaceutical manufacturers compile a few active agents into a single tablet to make it easier for the patients to take; thus, the risk of skipping an administration of the vital drug is lower, and the overall medication adherence rises. This generic drug works towards reducing the viral load, fighting symptoms, and restoring the protective properties of our immune system. Viraday is manufactured by Cipla, India. One can buy Viraday right here, at our online store. If taken in strict compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, the Viraday medication can help minimize the chances of transmitting HIV further. It is important to remember that neither Viraday nor other ARV medications can cure HIV in people or make it safe for HIV-positive patients to have unprotected sexual intercourse with their partners.

Viraday Mode of Action

The three active components of the drug are emtricitabine (200mg), efavirenz (600mg), and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (300mg). These agents are nucleoside, non-nucleoside, and nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors that work together to suppress the activity of the HIV-1 viral-specific protein called reverse transcriptase that the virus heavily relies on for self-replicating. When the HIV-1 retrovirus corrupts a human cell, it transforms its genetic material (RNA) to DNA with the help of the specific reverse transcriptase protein. The virus then integrates the fraudulent DNA into the DNA of the host immune cell and exploits its replication mechanisms to create more copies of the infected T-cell. The three agents of the drug acting together prevent the viral DNA from fusing with the DNA of the host immune cell, thus disabling further spread of HIV via multiplication of the infected cells. While Viraday is highly effective in not letting the virus escalate, it cannot cure the already-corrupted T-cells or prevent the transmission of the retrovirus to others.

Who Can Take Viraday?

The generic drug Viraday has long proven its high efficiency in inhibiting the HIV multiplication in T-cells and improving the immune system of the infected patients. However, this medication is not safe or beneficial for anyone to use. There is a wide range of restrictions regarding who this drug should be prescribed to. Doctors can assign Viraday as a standalone medication or alongside other HIV drugs to patients who:

  • have already had a successful frontline HIV therapy, where the first-course ARV medication showed stable performance

  • are known not to have any mutated virus strains that may have developed resistance to any of the three active ingredients of Viraday

Who Should Not Take Viraday?

This generic pharmaceutical drug is not safe to take for HIV patients if they:

  • have chronic hepatitis B and other liver or kidney diseases

  • are allergic to one or several of its active ingredients

  • suffer from depression or other mental disorders

  • are expecting or breastfeeding mothers

  • are children under the age of 12

  • are already taking any medicines that can interfere with Viraday

What Drugs Does Viraday Interact With?

Viraday is a complex antiretroviral medication whose interaction with some other drugs can produce some unwanted effects. These are some of the drugs that interact with Viraday and can either affect or be affected by it:

  • antiretroviral medications

  • benzodiazepine medications

  • certain antibiotics

  • calcium channel blockers 

  • cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • oral contraception pills

  • anticoagulants

  • anticonvulsants

  • antidepressant medications

If a patient is not sure whether a particular drug that he or she is taking can conflict with Viraday, they should ask their physician for advice.

Viraday tablet price and Possible Adverse Reactions

Each Viraday tablet contain 600mg of efavirenz 200mg of emtricitabine and 300mg tenofovir.

Viraday tablet price depends on quantity and does not exceed 75$ / 30 tablet bottle if ordered in bulk. You can also request wholesale price of Viraday pill through our support team.

Before you request a price for Viraday pill, check out potential adverce effects connected to this medicine. Among the most frequently observed side effects of using Viraday, there are migraines, gastrointestinal distress, anepithymia (loss of appetite), fatigue, nausea, rash, anxiety, elevated heart rates, sleep disturbances, and mood swings. There have also been a few reports of lactic acidosis that HIV patients developed while taking Viraday. Although these cases are very rare, they are potentially fatal, for they can cause permanent pancreatic damage, kidney and liver failure. If HIV patients who have been using Viraday for a few months start showing symptoms of stomach pains, decreased appetite, severe nausea, muscle weakness or cramps, or labored breathing, they should tell their doctor about it straight away.

Maintaining a good sleep-wake balance, eating healthily, exercising regularly, and abandoning bad habits like smoking or drinking should help you alleviate possible adverse symptoms of taking Viraday and manage your condition in a much more effective way.

How to Take Viraday?

Only a qualified and experienced physician who is familiar with the patient’s HIV treatment history can prescribe Viraday therapy. The approved dosage of the drug is 1 tablet per day administered orally and taken as a single piece with a glass of water. Viraday is not to be taken with meals to avoid any adverse reactions. Bedtime taking of the drug is considered the most optimal.

The duration of the Viraday course of therapy is decided upon by the doctor only. Patients must not stop taking this generic drug at their discretion without informing their physician first. The failure to adhere to their Viraday medication regimen might lead to the rapid development of resistance to the ARVs.

The Bottom Line

While HIV remains to be a much-dreaded and very dangerous virus, now there are many highly effective and trustworthy brand name and generic medications like Viraday that can help keep it at bay and make people’s lives much more comfortable and safe.