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Carisoprodol online pharmacy

Carisoprodol is an effective medicine that provides quick and lasting relief of sharp pain caused by muscle injuries. However, it is also a highly forceful drug, which should be used with much caution and in strict accordance with your doctor’s recommendations in order to avoid any unwanted and adverse side effects. At last price pharmacy you can find one of the best selling carisoprodol brands called Prosoma made by Centurion Labs, India.

Outlined below are some general instructions as to how this drug should be used to bring the patient most benefit without endangering their health or life. Please note that no recommendations found here should be considered a substitute for medical advice given by a licensed physician. Always consult your doctor before you start using carisoprodol or any of its generic and branded versions. Never self-prescribe carisoprodol to treat what you think might be muscular pain resulting from some trauma or injury. Always see your doctor for proper medical examination before you take any pain-relieving medications. Ask your doctor if there are any effective drug-free treatment options that you can try first.

Do not change or increase the dose suggested by your prescribing physician at your sole discretion. Only take as much carisoprodol and for as long as advised by your doctor. This would usually be 250mg or 350mg three times per day and before retiring to bed, taken for three weeks at most.

If you miss a dose, wait for when it is time to take the next one. Do not overuse the medication since it increases the risk of dangerous side effects.

Carisoprodol, also marketed under the brand name Soma, is a potent centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant medication indicated for the on-demand treatment of pain and spasms caused by muscle injuries.
Carisoprodol produces the best effect when combined with physiotherapy treatment and rest. This medication is not suited for the long-term use of over three weeks, as most muscle injuries tend to cure within this time.

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What is Prosoma 350mg and 500mg tablet price?

As been mentioned before we offer Centurion labs prosoma tablets of 350mg and 500mg dose.
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Abuse potential warning

Due to its prominent sedative and relaxing effects, carisoprodol is often abused recreationally, which may lead to the development of a strong physical dependence.
The overdose on carisoprodol may have a fatal outcome, and the withdrawal syndrome often manifests itself by severe and extremely unpleasant symptoms.
The drug is not suitable for patients with a history of substance addiction and those diagnosed with suicidal inclinations.
If you feel the need to keep taking carisoprodol even after you have used it for three weeks, see your doctor – this might indicate you are becoming addicted to the drug.

Side effects of using carisoprodol
If taken according to the doctor’s recommendations, carisoprodol does not usually cause too many unpleasant side effects. The known side effects caused are generally mild and pass quickly. They may include giddiness, headache, nervousness, sleepiness, trepidation, irritation.
Infrequently, carisoprodol may lead to the development of more severe and even life-threatening side effects, such as:
• cardiovascular problems that manifest themselves by high arterial pressure, rapid heart rate, hyperventilation, breathlessness, sudden reddening in the face;
• CNS symptoms like lack of control over the movements of your limbs, epilepsy-like seizures, agitation or irritability, depressiveness, trouble sleeping;
• GI symptoms including severe abdominal pain, heartburn, diarrhea, stomach sickness, and vomiting;
• blood disorders where the count of certain types of blood cells is decreased, which makes the patient vulnerable to infections.
All of these side effects, if overlooked, may have grave consequences for a person’s health and even put their life at risk. Do not neglect to seek urgent medical care if you start experiencing any of the above-said symptoms.

Dangerous drug interactions of carisoprodol
For reasons of safety, make sure you inform your physician about all and any medicinal drugs, herbal and dietary supplements, vitamins, illegal or controlled substances you are taking before he prescribes you with carisoprodol, as this drug is known to interact unsafely with some medications, including:
• medicinal sleeping aids and drugs that treat sleepiness,
• street drugs,
• tricyclic antidepressants;
• opioid painkillers,
• benzodiazepines and other anxiety meds,
• anti-seizure medications,
• allergy drugs,
• CNS depressants,
• antiplatelet drugs (ticlopidine, clopidogrel).
This is not a complete or exhaustive list of medications that should not be co-administered with carisoprodol. In general, there are over 600 different medicinal and herbal drugs that can dangerously interact with carisoprodol, whose use should be closely monitored by a qualified medical practitioner. Before you compare Prosoma price check important contradictions connected to carisoprodol.

Carisoprodol contraindications
The use of carisoprodol is contraindicated or should be cautiously supervised by a licensed doctor in patients co-diagnosed with one of the following medical conditions:
• acute intermittent porphyria;
• hepatic diseases, including hereditary liver metabolism disorder;
• impaired renal function;
• seizures;
• asthma;
• blood diseases;
• allergy to carbamates;
• a history of alcohol or substance abuse.
Tell your prescribing doctor about any health problems that you have or have had over the past six months to make sure that the use of carisoprodol is not contraindicated in any of them.

Dangers associated with the use of carisoprodol
When misused, abused, or taken alongside certain medicinal drugs, carisoprodol may produce several dangerous side effects and form unsafe interactions with other medications.
Its use is not safe in people co-diagnosed with certain pre-existing medical conditions like liver or kidney problems, asthma, epilepsy, etc.
Carisoprodol is a powerful skeletal muscle relaxant with notable addiction-forming potential, so its use should be limited or strictly monitored in people who are former narcomaniacs and alcohol abusers as there is a high risk of addiction relapse.
Exceeding the prescribed doses of carisoprodol may lead to excessive drowsiness, lack of focus, and mental confusion. The reaction time may also impair, so, while on carisoprodol, it is extremely important that you do not operate any heavy machinery, drive a car, or do any other tasks that require your full alertness and concentration.
Combining carisoprodol with alcohol, street drugs, painkillers, sleeping pills, and medicines that have a potent depressing or stimulating action on the person’s CNS is extremely dangerous and should be avoided by all means.
The drug could be harmful to unborn babies, so it is not advised for use by pregnant women and women who assume that they might be pregnant. Nursing mothers should also avoid taking carisoprodol as it is readily excreted with breast milk and could be passed on to newborns.
Carisoprodol is only safe to use for a limited amount of time, namely for a period of up to 3 weeks. Otherwise, it may lead to an addiction being formed. If you suffer from chronic muscular pain, ask your physician what alternative non-addictive treatments are available for your condition.