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Buy Orliford

What is generic Xenical and where to buy Banford orlistat?

As a pancreatic lipase inhibitor medication, Orlistat primarily targets the enzyme involved in the breakdown of fats contained in the foods that we eat. It blocks the splitting of fat molecules into smaller units that our digestive tract can easily suck in. These fat molecules pass through the intestines in the undigested form and leave the body fecally. As a result, our body absorbs and keeps over 30% less fat, impeding weight gain.

The brand name of orlistat is Xenical. Some time after branded version has been appeared on the market, many generic versions was produced in India. One of such a generic brands is Orliford manufactured by Banford, India. At last price pharmacy you can by Banford orlistat so as many other brands like Slim Trim active, Orligal, Vyfat.

How efficient is Orlistat?

The statistics available on obesity are very disturbing: there are over 2 billion obese people in the world now, and about 30 million of them die every year because of their weight-related problems. What’s more alarming is the fact that obesity is getting younger year by year, affecting the well-being and quality of life of millions of children worldwide.

In its early stages, obesity can still be treated with changes in lifestyle and eating habits; however, at some point, drug therapy needs to be additionally introduced. Among all the available weight loss medications, orlistat and its derivatives are considered to be the most effective and reliable antiobesity drugs.

Numerous clinical trials and blind studies have proved that orlistat shows high efficiency in fighting obesity. Thus, a double-blind study, which involved 688 participants who were randomly divided into two groups and received either orlistat or placebo (in both groups of patients this was coupled with a hypocaloric diet) for 1 year, showed that the ultimate weight loss in orlistat patients was almost twice as significant as in placebo patients.

Another 57-week long clinical study featuring 391 obese patients who had elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels revealed that the drug could be extremely efficient in helping obese people to sufficiently reduce those life-threatening symptoms.

What is orliford 120mg tablet price and what is correct dosing?

Doctors usually advise their patients to take a 120 mg pill of Orliford 3 times a day during meals. Since the drug aims to suppress the absorption of fats, it should only be taken alongside fat-containing foods. Patients should avoid taking Orliford without food or with fat-free meals. Doing so can have some adverse health effects without in any way helping them to solve their weight problems.

Once the treatment is terminated, a number of patients will gain back the lost weight. You should be aware of this and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Also, it’s recommended to weight yourself once a weak.

The course of treatment with Orlistat usually lasts for 12 weeks, during which time the ability to digest dietary fats is reduced by around 33%. To reduce orliford cost we offer various combinations of Orliford tablets. If you buy Orlistat for 12 weeks course the price for orliford 120mg will be seriously reduced down to 1$/pill. In the table above you will find all possible orliford prices.

If further enhanced by proper physical exercise regime, balanced diet, and improved lifestyle, Orlistat therapy can help patients to lose 5% of their initial body weight. However, the drug is likely to be ineffective for people who choose to stick to their poor eating habits and sedentary behavior.

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