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Obelit price

Orlistat online pharmacy

Orlistat (also sold under the trade name of Obelit) is a well-known and trusted medication with proven efficiency in fighting obesity. It is commonly prescribed for people whose body mass index (BMI) is 30 or higher. However, Orlistat can also be ordered at online pharmacy for patients with a BMI of 28 if they are exposed to certain risk factors such as harmful lifestyle habits, unhealthy working environments, family history of heart diseases, use of some medications, etc. With last price orlistat online pharmacy you will be able to get high quality orlistat made by Intas Pharma called Oberlit 60mg.

Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor class medication that operates by suppressing the action of the digestive enzyme called lipase. This enzyme is heavily involved in the process of fat breakdown and facilitates digestion. By blocking the work of the lipase enzyme, Orlistat prevents around 30% of all fats that you consume from being sucked into your intestines and enables their quick fecal excretion.

The mechanism of action of Orlistat is identical to those of the brand-name Xenical and Obelit, which is sold at our online pharmacy both of which contain the same active drug substance – orlistat – but in different proportions. Thus, the branded Xenical and generic Orlistat have 120 mg of this active ingredient, whereas Obelit is only half as strong (60 mg). If you are in the USA, UK, Australia orlistat will be delivered to you within 14 days average. We offer free shipping for any order.

The presence in the pharmaceutical market of several analogous weight loss medications from different tried-and-tested manufacturers has helped to bring down the prices for this drug and make it much more affordable for the mass consumer. Patients can now choose between the approved brand-name and generic versions based on their individual treatment needs and budget.
While Orlistat is an efficient and widely acknowledged remedy for treating obesity and weight-related health problems, this medication may be contraindicated in some patients or may adversely interact with some other medicines. Make sure you carefully read the drug information leaflet and consult your doctor before you start taking it.

What is Obelit 60mg tablet price?

While looking to the price list above you will find low cost Oberlit 60mg. In the table above Oberlit price is lower and is down to 1$/pill if bulk if wholesale order is purchased. Average Obelit order cost 1-2$ per tablet at average.

All of the three medicinal drugs branded orlistat – Xenical, generic orlistat brands and Oberlit use orlistat as their active ingredient and, therefore, possess the same qualities and produce the same therapeutic effect. Xenical and Oberlit are trade-name drugs, while Orlistat is the generic version of Xenical, popularly known as generic Xenical or just Orlistat. There are many other brands of orlistat made in India which you can find at our store.

Branded Xenical. The medication contains 120 mg of orlistat and is available in the form of swallowable capsules. The average price for brand-name Xenical is $6.90 – $8.06 per pill, or around $621 per a 90 pill supply.

Branded Oberlit. This FDA-approved weight loss medication is sold over-the-counter and does not require a doctor’s prescription. The only available dosage strength is 60 mg of orlistat. The average retail price of Oberli 60mg tablet is around $120 per 120 capsules.

Generic Orlistat. It is a generic version of the branded Xenical that is comparable to the original medication in its efficiency and safety. Like Xenical, generic Orlistat comes in the form of 120 mg capsules, but its price is much lower.
If you lost 5% of your weight within 3 months, there are no limits when it comes to how long the drug can be taken for. But, you should be monitored by a medical specialist so that they can decide if you need to continue the treatment. If you keep losing weight after six months, it’s possible that your doctor will recommend continuing to take Orlistat. Depending on how much weight you need to lose, the treatment can last for 1-2 years or even longer.