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Buy Liofen

Where to buy Sun Pharma baclofen?

Baclofen is one of the medicines used to alleviate addiction symptoms. It’s generic called Liofen and manufactured by N1 pharmaceutical company Sun Pharma.

Sun Pharma baclofen can be prescribed as a temporary pain relief medicine, which is required in case of severe diseases such as cancer or as a method of helping a patient to recover from strong post-surgical pain.

It is natural if a person may question the doctor whether the prescribed medication is narcotic since usage of opioids have a lot of side effects, which may cause serious health problems.

At last price pharmacy one can buy Sun Pharma baclofen called Liofen. Liofen is one of the most popular generics of baclofen from India. Here is the list of another brands
which you can order at online pharmacy:

Bacfen (10mg) (10mg)Mesmer Pharmaceuticals (Icon Life Sciences)
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Bacmax (25 mg)Biomax Biotechnics Pvt Ltd
Chinofen (10 mg)Chandra Bhagat Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
LioresalNovartis (India) Ltd.
Parafon DSC (500 mg)Johnson & Johnson
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What is Liofen 10mg and 20mg tablet price?

Before you buy Liofen online check it’s adverse effects:

The side body reactions might be the following:

  • drowsiness
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • confusion
  • headache
  • constipation
  • visual disturbances
  • hallucinations
  • anxiety
  • depression

Now let’s talk over Sun Pharma Liofen tablets cost.
Liofen tablet price depends on it’s dose. Average price of 10mg tablet is 80 cents/pill while 20mg tablet cost is over 1$. On this page you will find Liofen 10mg and 20mg price table with different combinations of pills. We offer discount for returning customers also the tablet cost is less if bulk or wholesale order is done.

Baclofen can cause physical dependence if it is taken regularly for a substantial period of time. The body may get used to the presence of the medication in the body so sudden stopping of the baclofen usage can become a reason for the appearance of the withdrawal symptoms.

One has to remember that it is dangerous to abruptly stop taking the medication since the withdrawal consequences may be lethal. If you consider stopping using baclofen, it is essential to preliminary discuss this with your doctor.

Is it possible to get high when taking baclofen?

A patient who takes baclofen may have sensations that are similar to those, which a person has after using narcotic substances. This can happen only if a very high dose of medicine is taken. Usually, drowsiness is the most common symptom of both medication and narcotics. This makes it difficult to differentiate whether an individual takes baclofen medicine for pain relief or uses opioids.

In case the prescription medication is taken recreationally, there is a high risk of overdose or abuse. If you’re aware that you exceeded the dosage of baclofen and feel that you have the following symptoms, consult your doctor or talk to a pharmacist:

high blood pressure
atypically slow heart rate
slow reflexes

Do not use baclofen in combination with other substances unless your doctor instructs you to do so. Consuming alcohol together with baclofen can increase the effect on the brain causing a person to feel extremely dizzy and drowsy.

Baclofen and alcohol withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms might be severe and can result in death. Self-medicating in such cases is inappropriate and the consultation with a qualified doctor is a must. One has to remember that abrupt and complete stopping of alcohol consumption may result in serious health issues or can even be lethal.

According to recent research, there is evidence that baclofen may be potent enough to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms even in those patients who suffer from severe substance withdrawal syndrome.