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What is Dutasteride by Cipla ?

The statistics on male pattern baldness are merciless: by the age of 50, four out of five men will face the problem of thinning hair. In case if male-pattern hair loss (MPHL) runs in the family, men can experience early symptoms in their twenties. However, it is more common for this condition to start manifesting itself when men are approaching the age of forty.

While there is no cure for MPHL that could stop the process completely, modern-day medicine can offer quite a few drugs like Dutasteride and Finasteride that effectively manage certain symptoms of male pattern baldness. Given the rapidly progressing nature of this condition, the sooner you start the treatment, the more impressive the results will be. There is a generic version of dutasteride called Duprost. This is one of the most high quality dutasteride brands manufactured in India.

This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that most men affected by MPHL are usually unwilling to see their doctor and ask for medical advice on how they can best cope with it. Some of them are hesitant to visit a doctor because they feel uncomfortable talking about getting bald; others cannot make time in their busy schedules for an appointment with a specialist. Besides, drugs like Finasteride or Dutasteride that are ordered for the treatment of male pattern baldness are not covered by most insurance plans, which makes them much less accessible. That said, many online pharmacies in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada offer to purchase branded and generic Dutasteride at a very favorable price, with various payment options like E-check, Credit card and Bitcoin and with speedy door-to-door delivery.
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What is Duprost 0.5mg price?

Of the two medications, only Finasteride in the form of 1mg oral tablets got an FDA approval to be used in the United States as a male pattern baldness treatment, while Dutasteride is licensed solely for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. Some other countries have authorized the use of Dutasteride for preventing hair loss in men.

Dutasteride and the US brand Avodart are one drug with the same active ingredient – dutasteride. Avodart is the name of the branded medication, while Dutasteride is its generic counterpart. Both of these medications have identical therapeutic properties, and they only differ in price, which can be significantly lower for the generic drug. In the table above you can see different prices given for different quantity of dutasteride tablet. Average Duprost 0.5mg price is around 1$/pill. The price can be lowered if wholesale amount of tablet’s is ordered. The average retail price of branded version is 3$/pill.