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Where to buy testosterone gel Sun Pharma?

Cernos Gel is generic version of testosterone gel manufactured in India. Testosterone gel by Sun Pharma is the one of the most popular androgel generic replacements in the Australia, UK, USA, Europe and Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong) Before you buy Sun Pharma testosterone gel, check warnings and precautions connected to this drug.

There is a group of medications that require black box warning put in the labeling in order to alert the consumers about safety concerns.Testosterone Gel Sun Pharma belongs to a group of controlled prescription drugs, which includes this serious type of warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

Components of Sun Pharma androgel can transfer to the skin of other people if the direct contact with the patient’s application area occurs. Women and children are susceptible to the effects of testosterone gel so they are strongly advised to avoid any exposure to the medication.

In case of accidental Androgel exposure in children, contact a doctor immediately if your child experiences the following symptoms:

  • aggressiveness
  • premature growth of pubic hair
  • enlargement of genitalia
  • increased sex drive and erection
  • male pattern baldness

Consult a pharmacist if the woman exposed to testosterone gel experiences:

  • changes in menstrual periods
  • increased growth of body hair
  • development of acne
  • drastic mood changes

Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid accidental testosterone exposure of other people.

If you know that another person might have direct tactile contact with the area of application, wash that part of your skin thoroughly.

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You shouldn’t use Androgel if you’ve been diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer.

There are several other precautions before you buy testosterone gel Sun Pharma online. The medication cannot be used by people younger than 18 years old. If you’re an older man, the doctor might refuse to prescribe you this drug because the risk of prostate enlargement or development of cancer becomes greater with age.

Make sure that you visit a doctor regularly for the time of your testosterone treatment.Your physician might require performing blood checks to monitor a response of your body to the medicine.

After you buy Cernos Gel, medication should be stored out of reach of other people. Never give this drug to another person even if his symptoms might be similar to yours.

If you have or have ever had the following conditions, inform your doctor about them before you start using Sun Pharma testosterone gel:

  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • difficulty passing urine
  • heart-related diseases
  • heart attack or stroke
  • kidney or liver diseases

Be aware that the medication is flammable. It is recommended to take extra care when smoking or staying close to open fire until the gel gets fully absorbed into your skin.

What is Cernos Gel 5g price?

Before we discuss cost of Cernos Gel let’s talk over it’s dose.
The medication is available as Cernos Gel 1% .

The dose of Cernos Gel is 5g and it comes in the package of 14 sachets x 5 grams.
Cernos Gel price varies from 3$ to 5$ per sachet. If you buy wholesale order, you get
Cernos Gel 5g price down to 3$.

Androgel 1% can be applied to shoulders, upper arms, and abdominal area.

Don’t exceed or lower the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

It is important to apply the medication on clean skin. You need to gently massage the gel with the palm on one of the areas, which will be covered by a shirt. Put on your clothing only after Androgel gets fully absorbed.

Thoroughly wash your hands after you finished applying the drug. Our monthly offer: get the best price for Cernos Gel 5g using Bitcoin. When pay via Bitcoin (btc) or Ethereum (ETH) you get 10% off. We accept various payment options including those similar to paypal.

Avoid swimming or showering for several hours and keep the application area covered at all times to prevent other people from unintentional contact with the medication.

Make sure that the product is fully washed off in case you plan to have tactile contact with someone else.
Do not apply Androgel to your genital area, chest, scrotum, armpits, or knees.