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Cabgolin 0.5mg


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Cabgolin online

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Before you buy cabergoline online check out adverce effect section. The most frequently reported side effects that patients taking cabergoline experience are pain in the stomach area, feeling sick and vomiting, occasional constipation, mild-to-moderate headaches, vertigo, fatigue, postural hypotension, and hot flashes.

These symptoms are usually short-lived and should not be a cause for much concern. However, if they linger, talk to your doctor about it as soon as possible. You might require some dosage modification.

Cabergoline is contraindicated in certain groups of patients, including:

pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
people with high blood pressure
patients with clogged blood vessels
patients with heart valve problems
patients with pulmonary fibrosis
patients with liver problems
patients who have an allergy to ergot and its derivatives
Make sure you tell your doctor about any medicinal and non-medicinal drugs that you are taking for any health problems. Such drugs can potentially interact with cabergoline and decrease its effectiveness or be made less effective by it.

What is Sun Pharma Cabgolin 0.5mg tablet price?

When treating hyperprolactinemia, doctors usually start their patients on 0.25 mg of cabgolin twice per week. The optimal dose strength and frequency are determined by the prescribing physician based on a few factors, such as the severity of the patient’s condition, tolerability of the drug by the patient, etc. If your doctor considers the initial dose to be ineffective, he might eventually increase the single dose of Sun Pharmacabgolin to 1 mg, twice weekly, but such dosage alterations can’t happen sooner than once every 4 weeks. Fin out the latest Cabgolin 0.5mg tablet ptice list in the table above. If you visit our support section you can request cabergoline wholesale prices for bulk orders.

Patients, whose prolactin levels have remained normal for six consecutive months, can consult their doctor about the possibility of discontinuing cabgolin 0.5mg tablet. Patients can only stop taking the drug or change the dosage if told to do so by their prescribing physician.