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Abamune online pharmacy

Abamune is a drug that is usually taken along with other anti-HIV medications in order to treat HIV-1. Abamune is manufactured with N1 manufacturer in India called Cipla. One pill contains abacavir sulphate which is equivalent to 300mg of abacavir. This medication must be supported by other antiretroviral drugs to prevent the development of HIV-1 into AIDS. We accept bulk and wholesale offers for Abamune, just contact our team for more details. At Last price online pharmacy Abamune is offered for one of the best market price. We offer free shipping of Abamune

Possible Side Effects of Abamune

Patients who take Abamune can occasionally have one or several of following mild side effects:
• abdominal pain
• anemia
• cough
• diarrhea
• gastritis
• headaches
• mild elevation of levels of glucose in blood
• nausea
• vomiting

What to do before order from abamune online pharmacy. First consult your doctor and check the following warmings and precautions:
Usually, these symptoms go away as soon as the effect of the drug wears off. However, doctor if you are experiencing one or more symptoms from the list below, you should immediately stop taking Abamune and contact your doctor in order to inform about the changes in your health. Severe side effects when taking Abamune include:

• altercations in liver function tests
• body fat redistribution
• dyspnea
• elevations in CPK tests
• hepatomegaly with steatosis
• increased gamma glutamyl transferase
• lactic acidosis
• myocardial infarction
• neutropenia
• pancreatitis
• pharyngitis
• sleep disorders
• Stevens-Johnson syndrome
• thrombopenia
• toxic epidermal necrosis
Abamune is growing highest demand in the USA, UK, Australia and other popular countries.

Where to buy abacavir sulfate?

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The recommended dosage for adults infected with HIV-1 is one 300mg pill of Abamune twice a day. It should be taken daily and accompanied by other antiretroviral drugs. Despite the fact that many dosages of anti-HIV drugs need various personal adjustments, for patients with renal complications it is not necessary. Patients in the age of 3 months to 16 years can take the dose of 8mg per one kilogram every day. Patients who have mild hepatic insufficiency (meaning that their Child-Pugh score is from 5 to 6) should take only 200mg twice a day, every day. It doesn’t matter whether to take Abamune before or after meal.

At the table above you can find Abamune 300mg price range where the cost depends on the quantity of the purhased abacavir sulfate pills. Before you buy abacavir sulfate it is recommended to check warnings.

Abamune Overdose

Currently, no antidote for Abamune has been discovered yet. It is also unknown if Abamune can be removed from the body through dialysis. You should never take more pills than prescribed.


Patients who are hypertensive to abacavir and patients who have either moderate or severe hepatic insufficiency are strongly recommended not to take Abamune.